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Thank you for choosing Headflow Masters and Audirac Racing Products as your Volkswagen air-cooled parts distributor. We are grateful for your business therefore we are dedicated to providing our customers with the upmost pleasing online shopping experience for vintage VW products.

Catalog Browsing

Below is a quick 4 Step Guide on how to go about browsing the online catalogs and finding the vintage Volkswagen parts you need. The sample uses the EMPI online catalog as an example; the process is the same for the BugPack and IAP catalogs.

Four easy steps to order once you choose a catalog to browse. First find the product that you want, search using the product's ID to see its price and if want it add it to your wishlist form and submit it to us.

Step 1

Browse the catalog's pages using each site's unique navigating tools. Find the part number that you are interested in using its image or description as a reference.

Step 2

Enter the part's unique id number into the search box near the top of the window. Use the example description below the search box to enter the proper format for the search engine to use. Each catalog has a unique format.

Step 3

Once the results of your product search appear double check the description to be sure you have enered the correct product id. Compare our prices to the average retail price and decide if you are interested in ordering this product.

Step 4

Fill out the order form and populate your wishlist with product IDs and their manufacturers and hit 'Submit'. It is recommended to write down on paper the product ID and manufacturer (EMPI, Bugpack or IAP) if you intend to browse more than one catalog because the wishlist order form resets once you exit the window.

Order Processing

As soon as you submit your wishlist order form, we will receive an email notice of your activity. We will then create a PayPal invoice with a summary of your order and a total price including shipping. This invoice will be emailed to you. Once we receive notice of your payment we will order your parts from the manufacturer and notify you with a tracking number after we have shipped the items to you.

Note: Headflow Masters is primarily an aircooled Volkswagen motor performance shop providing vintage VW owners and enthusiasts quality, affordable and reliable services. We do not have a huge warehouse stocked with endless isles of parts, but we do have the privilege of purchasing parts directly from the manufacturer at wholesale price which in turn we provide to you at very affordable prices.

Depending on the quantity of orders we receive on a daily basis, we place an order with the manufacturer a minimum of once every 8 days. Therefore your order may take up to 10 days to be processed after you pay for your items before they are shipped out.


Shipping is done through major freight carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) as a standard "4 day ground" delivery. We look for the best deals for your unique order, saving you money that you can use for further restorations or motor performance upgrades for your vintage aircooled Volkswagen. In turn, we save money as well which allows us to continue on providing you with affordable quality VW parts and services.

Depending on the item, oversized orders will be shipped through an independent freight company and delivery will arrive at a local terminal at the closest major city near your location. We will discuss details with you once you place your order and will be available alongside your invoice.

Your order's tracking number will be submitted to you via email, confirming shipment of your package.


When we receive notice that the items you have ordered are not in stock on the manufacturers' shelves, we will refund you the total value of those products including any tax acquired and adjust the shipping cost if needed.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The only exception would be if you receive an incorrect order or if your items have been damaged during shipment.

You will be responsible for any shipping charges on all returns unless it is due to a mistake on our behalf, such as receiving the wrong items, in which case we will take care of the additional shipping charges.

Ship to:

2466 S. Santa Fe Ave. Unit F
Vista, CA 92084

International Orders

We understand that international orders may at times be a bit challenging, THEREFORE ALL ORDERS BILLED AND/OR SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES ARE FINAL. There are NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS AND/OR NO EXCHANGES on all orders billed and/or shipped outside the United States.

International orders may take additional time to process, validate and ship. Therefore expect timely delays for orders billed and/or shipped outside of the United States. Thank you.


Headflow Masters is not part of and therefore not affiliated with Volkswagen of America. Links or references to Volkswagen of America, any of its companies or subsidiaries should not and will not be made because Headflow Masters has no relationship with any of them. In other words, we simply sell quality VW engine, interior and exterior parts as well as provide professional VW engine performance services for your favorite Volkswagen classic models.

The staff at Headflow Masters continuously attempts to provide you with the most accurate information found on this site, but mistakes may arise. Therefore we will not be held responsible for errors of any kind; all content and images included. At times, the number of parts, services available, their descriptions and their prices may be inaccurate despite our best efforts. We will strive to correct these errors before or shortly after they emerge.

All product and service prices and availability are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Thank you.

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