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Most VW air filtering systems for off road vehicles are plagued with debris easily during a long trip or race, that's where larger air filtering systems become a better alternative.

However, most of these systems include a box-shaped air-collecting chamber that sits directly above the carburetor and is therefore less efficient when compared to the cylindrical-shape chamber from one of Audirac Racing's VW Sport Airflow Systems.

Round is better! Therefore the cylindrical air-collecting chamber that comes with one of these VW air-filtering systems creates a much more effective airflow down into the carburetor and its intake manifold. Along with replaceable 15 inch long filtering cartridges, this intake set up is a must have for any off roading VW enthusiast.

From sand rails to baja bug pre-runners, Audirac Racing Sport Airflow Systems will help your Volkswagen go the distance without intake failure.

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