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Note: Headflow Masters is primarily an aircooled Volkswagen motor performance shop providing vintage VW owners and enthusiasts quality, affordable and reliable services. We do not have a huge warehouse stocked with endless isles of parts, but we do have the privilege of purchasing parts directly from the manufacturer at wholesale price which in turn we provide to you at very affordable prices. More information on the ordering process can be found on the Orders Page.

Headflow Masters Provides Quality VW Parts for the Engine, Interior & Exterior of Your Favorite Vintage Models

Quality Development

The manufacturers (Bugpack, EMPI and API) of VW parts found here at Headflow Masters are well known by VW enthusiast and are considered to be masters of their trade. We rely on them to provide us with quality VW products which in turn we provide for you. Some of them have been developing and producing highly dependable products since the 60's! Their technological contributions and advancements have been recognized as being among the industry's most innovative and inspirational.

Tested & Recomended

The VW products that we provide for you have been rigorously tested by their manufacturers to meet detailed requirements before they are approved to leave their facilities. Many VW enthusiast and specialist therefore recommend them because of their dependability.

Built In-House

High performance VW engine heads, off road chassis kits and performance manifolds are among the endless list of parts produced in-house by these manufacturers. Their ability to enforce strict measures of quality control results in VW products of the highest quality being delivered to you.

We Distribute It All

Headflow Masters provides you with a great selection of aftermarket VW performance parts from well-known and trusted manufactures. The great thing about these manufacturers is that they also provide us with many VW items from existing companies that specialize in specific products like suspension, cams, carburetors, filters, gauges, shocks, VW manuals and tools! This insures that you will not receive products that are anything less than high quality.


We are here to answer your questions, but with great companies like Bugpack, EMPI and API providing us with quality VW products, we are confident that the parts you order will in most cases come with detailed instructions and correct hardware to help you get through the installation. For additional information email us at or call us at 760.727.1827.

Thank you!

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