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Less Hassle

With "The Cheater" single carburetor VW manifold from Audirac Racing Products, the hassles that once shadowed the benefits of dual carburetors are completely eliminated!

Dual carburetor systems offer more power, but require maintenance adjustments far more frequently than a single carburetor system. The benefit of a single carburetor system is the low maintenance required to keep the engine at efficient performance levels, but you sacrifice power with this set up.

More Power

The Cheater now allows any vintage Volkswagen owner to enjoy the benefits of both single and dual carburetor systems without either of their downfalls! The agonizing time spent with linkage and synchronizing problems along with idle jet maintenance can now be spent simply enjoying the power as you drive into the sunset.

More Efficient

Another innovative feature of The Cheater single carburetor VW manifold is its BUILT-IN SELF-SUSTAINING OIL COOLING SYSTEM (Not visible in the images above). The faster you go, the more your engine oil temperature is cooled AND the more fuel economy you will experience!

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