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The econoblock is the right choice for any
Volkswagen enthusiast trying to build an aircooled
motor for their ride without burying their wallets.
It is a long block made up of reconditioned parts we have on our shelves. Bring in your core for exchange to save on any core charges.

40 HP 1200cc Type 1, 2 & Bus 1960-1965 Econoblock starting at $795 + core.
(or 1600cc Type 1 & 2 for the same price)

econoblock before and after

The following is a breakdown of the services included in the price:

New Items

  • Bearings
  • Tubes, Seals & Gaskets
  • Oil Pump
  • Hardware
  • Piston Rings
  • All extra gaskets from "overhaul set" included for complete installation.


  • Professional line bore.
  • Audirac Racing signature oil check valve.
  • New case savers.
  • Surface is fully cleaned and painted (high temperature tolerant).


  • Professionally cleaned and rebuilt.
  • Guides replaced as needed.
  • Professional 3 angle valve job.


  • New Piston Cylinders = +$150
    (Also available with this upgrade is a 1300 big bore 40 HP with new piston cylinders at no additional cost.)
  • New Seats and Valves on Heads = +$150
  • Audirac Stroker 40 HP = +$395
    (Gives your old stock 40 HP beetle a 1484cc (1.5L) displacement.)

Turnaround Rate

It takes an average of one week to disassemble, refurbish, reassemble and hot test the longblock before shipping out. Then an average of one week for the shipping timeline which includes delivery to your nearest major city terminal (+$200). A total of 2 weeks on average turnaround rate.

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