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Headflow Masters
has been successfully building and innovating VW engines for over twenty five years now. We are truely greatful to have the opportunity to keep providing our customers with honest and trustworthy VW perfomance services.

VW Head
Machine Work

There's a reason why we are head flow masters, we provide VW head machining services like port & polish, rebuilds and valve jobs for Type 1-4 & WB.

VW Case
Machine Work

Our machining expertise include VW case work like line bores, sand seals, welded gussets, welded full flows and crank clearances.

Long Block
VW Services

Looking to purchase a VW long block that is affordable? Let us build you the right one specially made to fit your ride and your budget alike!

Headflow Masters Is California's Complete VW Machine Shop

Headflow Masters has been serving the Volkswagen air-cooled vintage community worldwide all the way from Vista California. For the last two and a half decades we have been building quality air-cooled VW engines for the high performance and stock VW vehicles that you love so much. From fuel efficient VW Bugs, Busses, Things, Super Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Vanagons to high performance off road VW Baja Bugs, Dune Buggies, Rail Buggies, Dragsters, Hotrods and VW Turbos… we do it all!

We Machine VW Heads

The key to a quality VW head is choosing the right casting to begin with. In order to do this, we fully analyze the VW engine project in which they will be used for; from engine size to noting whether it will be used for high performance or daily use. Then we proceed to machine and/or port and polish the new/used heads to fit their future profile and more importantly fulfill our clients' needs. Our VW heads are assembled with precision and are ready to be bolted.

We Make the Original VW Engine Case More Durable

Headflow Masters lets its customers choose their Volkswagen case upgrades from a list of various services, this way we can begin to see what they are looking to get out of their engine. From welded full flow options to gussets for support, the end result is a longer lasting engine case for your air-cooled ride.

We Build Quality VW Long Blocks

In order to provide our customers with Volkswagen long blocks that meet and exceed their expectations, we prefer to speak with them in person over the phone to insure we fully grasp their needs. For those on a tight budget we have our famous Econoblock options available at very affordable rates!

Affordable Turnkey Ready Engines

Looking to just "bolt-on" a newly constructed high performing or stock engine to your Volkswagen dream ride! We provide our customers with completed, ready-to-go turnkey engines that have been tested and all gas lines and electrical components already set up, so that when you get your hands on it all you have left to do is bolt it on to your air-cooled project, hook up the throttle cable and you're off!

Please call or email us for pricing.

VW Engine Core Exchanges Are Acceptable

Bring in a decent engine core when purchasing a long block or turnkey engine and exchange it for one of our new or rebuilt cores to receive only the outright charges! Consider it as a discounted option for your order.

S.C.O.R.E. Race Legal VW Engines

Headflow Masters is not a stranger to the VW SCORE off road community. As a matter of fact, ALL of the racers we have provided our high performance services to have always finished in the top five! From Class 1 to Class 5 Unlimited and Class 12, we have provided off road racers with durable and dependable engines and engine components that have proven to handle the abuse of the desert environment. Our specialty actually revolves around the ability to successfully surpass the extreme heat and debris of off road racing tracks and events.

Porsche 914 Engines

For those owning one of these fun 'street legal go-karts' with a mid mounted air-cooled VW engine powering its rear wheels, we provide new and rebuilt long blocks along with head repairs that range from cracks to new valves that come with years of being stored in a garage or abuse on the road. For those looking to increase the size of their engine, we will take care of you as well.

Please call or email us for prices.

Stop&Go Services

We are proud of our finished products and if you live close enough to our shop in California to come out and visit our facility, we offer onsite services ranging from chassis work to VW engine replacement or installation.

Dyno Testing for Your Motor Is Available

If you wish to be provided with a Dyno Test result of your newly built VW motor or long block, you will want to take a look at our available options below:

Dyno Test $175
Dyno Test with Jetting $250

For a quote you may Contact Us by email or call us at 760.727.1827

Thank you!

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