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Adrian's Audirac Racing modified 2500cc engine case includes high performance components designed for the ultimate Volkswagen competitions proven with endless top 3 place finishes. This page presents a breakdown of these components all done in house utilizing fabrication techniques that reach beyond industry standards.

truct plate el guarache

Trust Plate

El Guarache

This trust plate was designed by Adrian himself and the case machined for a custom fit; extends the life of the trust bearing by up to 300%.

weld behind 3 refuerza atras 3

Weld Behind #3

Refuerza Atras del #3

This weld prevents the area behind cylinder #3 from cracking; a very common and well known problem with aircooled Volkswagen motors.

sand seal sella para arena

Sand Seal

Sella Para Arena

This heavy duty seal prevents troublesome leaks around the pully; the case is machined for a 100% snug fit.

gaussets refuerzos de ariba


Refuerzos de Ariba

These gussets reinforce the top of the case and prevents that area from cracking or breaking under extreme conditions and abuse during race competitions.

through 1/2 inch bolts los chilotes

Through 1/2" Bolts

Los Chilotes

These heavy duty case bolts reinforce the center wedge and prevent it from cracking; yet another solution to an issue with competitive aircooled VW racing.

dual full flow retorno salida doble de aceite

Dual Full Flow

Salida y Retorno Doble de Aceite

The case is machined to allow you to have both In & Out oil fittings on the side; aids the oil flow to externally mounted coolers.

oil squirters miadores de aceite

Oil Squirters

Miadores de Aceite

These inserts have been carefully machined into place to spray oil onto the pistons, continuously lubricating and cooling them during extreme engine abuse.

case savers salva bloke

Case Savers (8mm or 10mm)

Salva Blokes de 8mm o 10mm

The case is machined to include new case saver which replace stripped threads and prevent these problems in the near future.

shuffle pins pernos de alineacion

Shuffle Pins

Pernos de Alineacion

Shuffle pins help prevent the two center bearings from moving during extreme engine performance when metals reach extreme temperatures and vulnerability.

line bore corte en linea

Line Bore

Corte En Linea

A line bore is necessary to ensure an optimal crankshaft fit and overall aircooled Volkswagen motor performance.

oil check valve la canica

5/8 Oil Check Valve

La Canica

Adrian's unique oil check valve perfectly controls oil pressure and slows oil flow through the cooler for more cooling time and overall engine performance improvement.

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