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At one point or another, every vintage air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiast has encountered oil pressure issues with their spring and plunger set up. With Audirac Racing's innovative oil pressure valve body, VW engine oil pressure is instantly stabilized!

What Makes It Different

It Works!

This Audirac Racing Oil Check Valve Kit replaces the standard oil plunger and spring setup seen in aircooled Volkswagen motors.

The problem with the plunger and spring set-up is that the plunger begins to wear the walls of its chamber inside the case after normal and/or extreme engine use. This wear eventually allows oil to flow around it, "an internal oil leak", causing low oil pressure issues that are common with vintage VWs.

Why Does It Work?

Our Oil Check Valve Kit includes a valve body that sits firmly in place. The metal marble is what moves against the spring instead and completely seals up against the valve body. This allows oil to stay within the system until it reaches the ideal oil pressure (40-60lbs, 70lbs MAX) which at this point allows oil to flow without compromising oil pressure output.

On dual relief cases, installation involves only replacing the stock oil pressure relief valve on the pully side and leaving the oil pressure control valve on the flywheel side alone. When we rebuild cases inhouse, we eliminate the oil pressure control valve on the flywheel side entirely and drill a new relief hole on the pully side.

This setup is almost 100% guaranteed to outlast the life of the engine and extend the life of the engine itself! Adrian at Headflow Masters has installed this setup in all of his engines, new and old since he first opened his shop. The funny thing is, it works so well that his clients don't return for years because their engines last sooo long!

If your engine and its parts are in well working order, but you have oil pressure issues, there is a very high probability that this Kit will fix your problem immediately.

Compared to Others

Other oil pressure booster kits are just a variation of the stock plunger... We believe they simply just use stronger springs which does not fix the problem.

*Remember, this is a great solution only if the main bearings in your case are still solid, if not you might have other problems and this might not solve your oil pressure issues. If the crankshaft pully is loose when tugged on, the case most likely needs to be rebuilt.

Call to order ($125) and see our easy-to-follow instructions to help your installation experience as effortless and pleasant as possible.
Thank you.

Valve Body Installation Instructions

Step 1

  • Unscrew the current oil pressure valve plug.
  • Remove the old spring and plunger with a magnet pen.

vw case oil valve location vw engine old oil spring & plunger vw engine new & old oil valve

install new vw engine oil valve body

Step 2

  • Install the new valve body with an extension tool of some sort.
  • We recommend using a 3/8-ratchet extension (as shown).
  • Use a hammer to hit the extension tool and drive the valve body into the cavity until it reaches its limit (about 1.730 inches).
  • *Make sure the ball is between the valve body and the extension tool to insure you do not damage the valve.

cut the new spring flush to the case

Step 3

  • With the ball and new valve body in place, slide in the new spring all the way back.
  • For a dual relief case, cut the new spring flush to the case (as shown).
  • For a single relief case, cut the new spring one coil shorter.
  • *Be sure that the side of the spring that you cut is facing away from the case.

re-install the plug

Step 4

  • Re-install the plug you removed in Step 1, making sure the new valve body and spring are installed correctly (See Steps 2 & 3).
  • It is recommended to use an oil pressure gauge to make sure there is no excessive oil pressure (70 lbs. max).
  • If there is excessive oil pressure, cut the spring shorter 1/2-coil at a time until the recommended oil pressure is achieved.

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